Modeling of Common Water Bodies - Phase 2

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Category: Aquaculture

Region: Southeast Asia


The growth of aquaculture in SE Asia has proceeded rapidly and many water bodies are being overrun by aquaculture. USSEC personnel in the region have identified a critical need to aid governments in establishing aquaculture carrying capacities (ACC) for water bodies, i.e., how much aquaculture waste an environment can assimilate before negative impacts are seen. Several modeling methods exist to estimate ACC, from fairly simple (requiring few data) to extremely complex (requiring a lot of data). During Phase 1 of this project (2012), my task was to determine the needs and capabilities of some governments in the region (Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam) to conduct modeling for ACC. That led to an assessment that other governments (Malaysia, Myanmar) should be surveyed as well, and that a regional approach should be developed for solving the ACC problem, which was the task of Phase 2.