Growth Performance of Red Drum Fed Soy-Optimized Extruded Feed in Cages in the Tung Gau Area, Cat Ba, Vietnam

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A feeding demonstration was conducted in the Tung Gau Area of the Cat Ba Islands in northern Vietnam to demonstrate the growth of red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) using the ASA-IM culture methodology in 27-m3 cages. Red drum fingerings of size 114 g were stocked into three 27-m3 cages at 1,350 fish per cage and cultured according to the ASA-IM low volume, high density (LVHD) methodology. Fish in these three cages were fed a soybean meal optimized, extruded feed that was produced domestically in Vietnam. After 145 days of culture, fish grown using the ASA-IM LVHD methodology and fed the soy-maximized feed grew to an average of 1,127 g, with an average gross production of 813.3 kg/cage (30.1kg/m3), an average FCR of 1.46 and an average survival of 54%. The ASA-IM LVHD cages in which red drum were fed formulated feeds had less bio-fouling and required substantially less management labor that traditional cages in which red drum were fed trash fish. The low survival rate was attributed to incorrect cage placement and orientation during a part of the culture period.