Growth Performance of Milkfish Fed Soy-Maximized Feed in Low Volume High Density or High Volume Low Density Cages in Manjuyod Bay, Philippines

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Category: Aquaculture

Region: Southeast Asia


A feeding demonstration was conducted at Manjuyod Bay, Negros Oriental, Philippines to compare the growth of milkfish (Chanos chanos) grown in two different sized cages. Milkfish fingerings of about 27 g were stocked into three 27-m3 cages at 5,063 fish per cage and into three 180-m3 cages at 8,500 fish per cage. Fish in all cages were fed a soybean meal maximized, extruded feed that was produced domestically in the Philippines. Following about 144 days of culture, fish in the larger cages performed better than in the smaller volume cages. However, interim data shows that, throughout the majority of the demonstration, the smaller volume cages performed similarly to the larger volume cages. Only in the last two months did the larger volume cages appear to perform better than the smaller cages. The smaller cages cost less to produce and took up less of the government allocated production area granted to the farmer.