Crucian Carp Growth Performance from Fingerling to Market Size with a Soy-Based Diet

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Category: Aquaculture

Region: Northeast Asia


Three fingerling sizes of crucian carp were grown to market size in ponds using the ASA 80:20 production model and a soy-based diet. Fish were Fengzhen crucian x Xingguo red common carp bred in 1998 at the Tai Xing Fish Stock Farm in Jiangsu Province. Fish were stocked at 1000 crucian carp per mu together with 60 silver carp per mu. Fingerlings of sizes 63 g and 44 g grew respectively to 411 g and 383 g in 212 days of feeding. Fingerlings of size 32 g grew to 363 g in 214 days of feeding. The 63-g fingerlings reached a market size of 250 g in 150 days, while the 44-g and 32-g fish reached 250 g in 158 and 165 days, respectively. Stocking fingerlings of different sizes may be a good management strategy for fish farmers interested in extending the marketing season for crucian carp. Feeding for 212 to and 214 days yielded 363-g to 411-g fish having high market value because of their large size. FCR with the ASA all-plant protein, soy-based diet averaged 1.50 to 1.61. Use of this diet in the extruded, floating form allowed the Tai Xing farm manager to closely monitor fish feeding performance and fish health and prevented over-feeding of fish and wasting of feed.