Polish Swine and Poultry Producers, Feed Compounders Learn about Efficient Swine, Broiler Production at Livestock Conference

USSEC recently partnered with ETOS, the Polish feed manufacturer, to organize and facilitate the ETOS Annual Livestock Production Conference. In addition to manufacturing top quality feeds and feed compounders, ETOS is the exclusive importer and distributor of AminoPlus® bypass soy in Poland, which has enjoyed USSEC support, particularly for dairy.
This year, as ETOS planned to organize this conference for three major professional groups: swine, poultry, and dairy producers, USSEC also extended its support to poultry and swine. This partnership enabled the organization to speak to hundreds of Polish swine and poultry growers and feed compounders.
USSEC consultant Professor Gonzalo G. Mateos of the University Polytecnica de Madrid in Spain, spoke on swine and poultry nutrition, as well as soybean utilization. Jerzy W. Kosieradzki, USSEC Technical Director for North-East Europe, escorted him as guide, driver, and interpreter, which was particularly helpful when networking with the audience.
The audience of about 300 professionals initially gathered in a main conference room for keynote lectures, and then divided into three separate sessions in smaller rooms. Speaking at a swine session, Dr. Mateos explained how to successfully feed growing pigs without antibiotics and zinc oxide, currently a key challenge for the European swine industry.
At a poultry session, the U.S. Soy expert spoke about ways in which the industry can optimize broiler nutrition, genetics, and feed milling technology to sustain competitive production. Although Poland is already a leading poultry grower and exporter, Polish farmers and feed compounders still have room for improvement and enjoyed Dr. Mateos’ lecture as well as further discussions during the meals and breaks.
Both organizers and participants appreciated USSEC’s contribution to the success of this large professional meeting. USSEC envoys appreciated meeting with participants of earlier educational and promotional events organized by USSEC in Poland, elsewhere in Europe, and the U.S. Additionally, many of the new acquaintances will now be more eager to attend various USSEC events in FY20.

Opening the conference, Czesław Szymendera, Owner and CEO of ETOS feed company, told the audience about his company’s growth and development in the quickly evolving Polish market.
Approximately 300 professionals initially participated in a couple of plenary sessions; the many speakers were seated in the first two rows with Professor Gonzalo Mateos, USSEC expert, among them.
Dr. Sebastian Kotow, the Institute of Behavioral Design and Lazarski University, Warsaw, Poland, spoke to all participants, inspiring everyone to do a better job of planning his/her business future before getting support from reputable partners like ETOS.
A pig production session hosted some 60 people and was moderated by Dr. Jerzy Pastuszak, ETOS Export Director and swine nutritionist.
U.S. Soy input on main nutritional factors leading to competitive pig production without antibiotics and zinc oxide was given by Dr. Mateos.
The growers, managers, and feed manufacturers attending the pig session tremendously enjoyed U.S. Soy’s input for their educational meeting.
Speaking on the main ways to optimize nutrition of modern broilers, Dr. Mateos spent plenty of time explaining particle size in the feed (also important for pigs).
Great speakers are also masters in listening; here: Professor Mateos listens to the other presentations before taking his turn to speak.