Polish Dairy Stakeholders Gain Value from USSEC's Dairy Nutrition Seminar

Working with ETOS feed company, an exclusive importer and distributor of U.S. bypass soymeal, USSEC recently put together a two-day seminar for Polish key dairy farmers, managers, and nutritional advisors.
USSEC consultant and dairy nutrition expert Dr. Jan van Eys taught the Polish stakeholders about the impact of early calf care and nutrition on its subsequent health and production as well as on nutritional effects on milk quality with special reference to mastitis and somatic cell count. USSEC also helped ETOS to bring Dr. Alex Bach from Spain, Dr. Thomas Tylutki from the U.S., and Dr. Helena Damaskova from Belgium. Jerzy Kosieradzki, USSEC Technical Director – Northeast Europe, provided consecutive translation during all of the foreign presentations and ensuing professional discussions.
Dr. van Eys’ two presentations prepared in the months prior to the training event and were made available to organizers for translation, printing, and distribution among the participants. The presentations allowed a clear positioning and emphasis on the salient features of specific soy products, emphasizing the importance and quality of U.S. Soy.
The conference and related meetings were well attended with about 100 attendees – all farmers and feed users. This offered a good opportunity to position U.S. Soy products within the entire range of dairy products. Polish dairy farmers are clearly interested in U.S. Soy, along with U.S. technology in the dairy and other sectors. Additional marketing efforts by USSEC in this region should show a significant payback.
Many additional face-to-face meetings and discussions between the speakers, both foreign and local, and customers took place around and at the seminar. These offered U.S. Soy envoys a significant opportunity to exchange ideas and better understand the current situation in Polish dairy production, including feeding challenges.
The participants were also invited to study modern feed ingredient and final feeds quality assurance system by following the example of ETOS’ laboratory, warehouse, and transport. It was an excellent form of adding a practical aspect to the earlier theoretical classes.

Czesław Szymendera, ETOS CEO and owner, welcomed participants on behalf of the organizers.
Key stakeholders from the Polish dairy industry gathered
Dr. Helena Damaskova, Nukamel, Belgium, presented on the high quality feeding of young calves. Jerzy Kosieradzki, USSEC Technical Director – Northeast Europe, helped with language translation.
USSEC consultant Dr. Jan van Eys delivered two presentations
Dr. Thomas Tylutki (right) provided the U.S. approach to nutrition and production efficiency of high-producing dairy cows.
Dr. Alex Bach, ICREA and IRTA, Spain (right) provided information on feeding and managing young calves for successful weaning.
The diligent participants were introduced to feedstuff quality control procedures performed by ETOS laboratory
At the feed mill warehouse, Czesław Szymendera explains how modern leaders in feed production coordinate GMP+ quality assurance.
Having completed the educational event, (L to R) Dr. van Eys, Dr. Tylutki, Mr. Kosieradzki, and Piotr Chełminiak discuss the various case studies from ETOS dairy nutrition advisors’ practice – at a working meal.