PHILSAN Implements USSEC’s Soybean Meal Meta-Analysis in Feed Reference Standard, 5th Edition

USSEC recently organized and collaborated with the Philippine Society of Animal Nutritionists (PHILSAN) for an online seminar on raw materials and feed nutrient standards. The seminar, hosted by USSEC Philippines via GoTo Webinar on June 25, was attended by more than 80 practicing nutritionists and feed formulators in the Philippines.
PHILSAN has about 80 active members who consist of nutritionists, feed formulators, and technical consultants from various commercial farms, integrators, and in-house feed millers in the country. They provide either consultancy services to or are working full time in the Philippines’ feed sector. As such, the association’s members play a very important role in decision making and setting quality parameters for major raw materials used in its 15 million metric ton (MMT) feed industry, which includes poultry, swine, and aqua.
USSEC, in support of PHILSAN’s efforts to enhance the animal feed standards in the Philippines, invited Dr. Gonzalo Mateos, Professor and Technical Consultant from the University of Madrid, Spain to discuss the meta-analysis of soybean meal from different origins. Based on the study presented by Dr. Mateos, U.S. soybean meal consistently offers higher values in terms of essential amino acids, metabolizable energy, and better nutrient consistency as compared with Argentine and Brazilian soybean meals.
PHILSAN is scheduled to publish its fifth edition of their Feed Reference Standard – a publication which contains reference standards of all raw materials and nutrient requirement of feeds for pigs, poultry, ruminants, and aquaculture; and widely adopted by nutritionists and feed formulators in the Philippines – and will be incorporating the different nutrient values of soybean meal based on the data shared by Dr. Mateos into their latest publication.
The USSEC team was also represented by:

  • Timothy Loh, Regional Director – Southeast Asia, who presented on the U.S. Soy Advantage: Building a Long-Term Sustainable Partnership with Industry;
  • Basilisa Reas, Technical Consultant – Animal Utilization, who spoke on Getting the Real Value of soybean meal, emphasizing the higher digestible amino acids and energy in U.S. soybean meal versus Argentine and Brazilian meals; and
  • Ben Oliveros, Philippines In-Country Representative, who gave an overview of Supply and Outlook of U.S. Soy and soybean meal

Since the conference, nutritionists from the biggest integrators such as San Miguel Purefoods Inc, Bounty Freshfoods Inc, UNAHCO, and Sustamina have also requested copies of the presentations, while a copy of the full manuscript of the soybean meal meta-analysis written by Dr Mateos for an international journal in Spain was also shared with all PHILSAN members.