Northeast Romania’s Swine Sector Participates in USSEC’s Swine Nutrition Round Table

USSEC organized a roundtable, “Updates and Advances in Swine Nutrition,” to increase awareness about U.S. Soy and continue to assist Romania’s fast developing swine sector. The event was held in Iasi City, Romania’s second largest city, during the third week of February, and was attended by decision makers, swine nutritionists, farm managers, quality control managers, and animal industry professionals from consulting and academia, representing over 70 percent of pig production from the northeastern section of the country.
USSEC consultants Dr. Gonzalo Mateos, animal nutrition professor, University of Madrid; Dr. Domingo Carrión, swine nutrition manager, Cargill Premix and Nutrition Spain; and Dr. Jan van Eys, USSEC animal utilization consultant, GANS, France gave presentations focused on current swine industry challenges and high value soy products in swine diets.
The pig nutrition topics presented by the USSEC swine nutrition experts, Dr. Mateos and Dr. Carrión, were relevant and important for the participants, who had the opportunity to learn the latest in feeding strategies to replace antibiotics in rearing pigs, how to match nutrition to individual requirements of both the sow and her piglets and better feeding of the growing pig from carcass to meat quality.
Attendees were clearly familiar with a number of issues presented about soy quality control. However, some of the points highlighted by Dr. van Eys helped them to gain to a better understanding of knowledge concerning soy and soy products in general and U.S. Soy products in particular.
The presentation on fermented soybean meal carried the interest of the audience, and this should be developed to further enhance the profile and marketing imagine of U.S. Soy and USSEC.
The meeting successfully positioned USSEC and U.S. Soy favorably with this important user segment of the Romanian feed and livestock industries.

The event took place in Iasi City, the second largest city in Romania