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Multi-Grain Dal is Launched in India

Dal is one of India’s most popular dishes. It is traditionally made of lentils, peas, or beans, which are split, dried and stripped of their hulls. It is often eaten with rice as a side dish or included in other dishes.
Health conscious individuals are now able to incorporate alternative dal while preparing other dishes. Food company Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd, has introduced multi-grain dal that contains soy, maize, wheat, tur dal and turmeric powder in Andhra Pradesh, an Indian state.
USSEC Country Manager –India V. Gopal Krishna Pillai said that the dal serves as a substitute to tur dal as it is loaded with protein.
USSEC Director – India Soy Food Program M. M. Krishna added that there was an imbalance in pulse production and consumption and the new product helps in plugging this loophole and including soybeans abundantly in the menu.