MENA Poultry Farmers Attend USSEC’s 2nd Poultry Production Training Program in Egypt

USSEC / Soy Excellence Center and the Egyptian Poultry Association hosted the Second Poultry Production Training Program at the Faculty of Agriculture – Cairo University from December 14 to 19. 35 poultry farmers from the Middle East and North Africa region listened to presentations from distinguished speakers on Modern Techniques for the Management of Broiler Production. Topics discussed included Feed Raw Materials, Proper Utilization & Economic Value of U.S. Soybean Meal Compared to Other Origins, Biosecurity on Poultry Farms, Nutritional Care of Broiler Production, Modern Management of Broiler Production, and Ventilation Tips for Hot Environment in Broiler Houses. A field trip to one of the largest and most modern slaughterhouses in Egypt was an additional opportunity for training the participants in best management practices.
One of the key objectives for the training program was to teach the participants about the importance of utilizing quality ingredients that provide consistent digestible nutrients with less variation such as U.S. soybean meal and full fat soy, which will decrease production costs because companies can formulate complete feeds cheaper and more accurately with smaller margins of safety and gain performance from increased digestible amino acids for meat and egg production.
Dr. Ahmed Hassan, a professor of veterinary public health, stated, “I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend the training course. Honestly, as a professor teaching some of the subjects in the training course program, I came to the course with an impression that trainers will add [little] information to me. At the first day of training, it was clear to me that they have a vision to promote the poultry industry and were acquainted with information based on science and field experience as well. The overall course was very good to me and I hope I can attend other courses in the future related to other topics.”

Trainees going to the Training Center at the Faculty of Agriculture at Cairo University\
Participants heading to Training Center
Faculty of Agriculture at Cairo University, founded in 1889
Group Photo
Prof. Dr. Sayed Shalash speaking at the training program
Professors at the Training Program
Participants at the Training Program
Prof. Dr. Hassan B. Gharib speaking at the training program
Prof. Dr. Mohamed Elmenawey speaking at the training program
Graduation Ceremony at the Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University
Graduation at the Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University