Indonesia’s Shrimp Industry Benefits from USSEC’s Technical Seminars

USSEC continued to support the development of Indonesia’s profitable and sustainable shrimp industry through a series of technical seminars given by Dr. Allen Davis of Auburn University. The seminars promoted soy-based feed utilized in various R&D activities and commercial uses across the globe, along with promoting the utilization of an acoustic feeding system to improve the effectiveness of feeding and reduced feed conversion ratio (FCR).
Marketing has helped the shrimp aquaculture industry to utilize quality feed. As an export commodity, the shrimp industry is forced to use sustainable feed as well as efficient feed to improve profitability. A soy-based shrimp diet is one of the solutions for much more integrated and large-scale shrimp production in the world. USSEC has a great opportunity to promote U.S. Soy products due to U.S. soybeans’ consistent quality and a sustainability program that has been carried out around the world.

A USSEC seminar focused on soy-optimized shrimp feed and improved shrimp feeding management