IAFFD Collaboration Benefits U.S. Soy

USSEC is working on a collaborative program for the first commercially oriented, publicly available international aquaculture feed formulation database (IAFFD).
One of the key collaborators is Adifo, the developer of the Bestmix feed formulation program. Adifo has been providing their commercial customers the latest version of the IAFFD as an added value for clients with an interest in aquaculture formulation. We were recently informed that they will now be able to provide this “in the cloud” which will make the database more dynamic and less static for users.
This collaboration will benefit USSEC and U.S. Soy’s international aquaculture customers. “USSEC workshops should have a much easier time to run formulation exercises in the future, as we will be able to rapidly update and adjust the database for all users,” says Arpad Zsok, Adifo Technical Support.
Aquaculture formulators are a key target audience for the U.S. soy industry. The collaboration on the IAFFD and the cooperation of Adifo have helped to quickly move these audiences to better formulation approaches based on nutrient values of ingredients. Because the industry now has a reference database, this helps USSEC’s program to be able to move aquaculture formulators to better practices, including the value of U.S. Soy.
In order to provide U.S soybean farmers with opportunities to “move the needle” on U.S. soy products, USSEC needs to clearly demonstrate the value of U.S. Soy to commercial feedmill formulators/nutritionists as they are key influencers in the purchase of U.S. Soy.