Full Fat Soybean Meal “One to One” Workshop Hosted in Morocco

In mid-June, USSEC held a Full Fat soybean meal “One to One” Workshop which provided technical assistance to leading customers. USSEC local consultant and director of Texas A & M University’s Food Protein R&D Center, Mian Riaz, assisted Alf Sahel, the largest feed mill in Morocco, in their new extrusion operation. Visits to other customers allowed attendees to improve their technical knowledge about soybeans extrusion.

The workshops were created to review the technical aspects of extrusion projects, process parameters such as retention time, cooking uniformity and T°, shear and pressure. Workshops also focused on reducing trypsin inhibitors in full fat soybean (FFS), particle size, cooling, cooking conditions, water/steam injections and quality control.
Production of FFS is seen as a product diversification to increase U.S. soy’s market share in Morocco, which already imports U.S. soybeans, soy hulls, soybean oil and meal. The consultants highlighted the need for high quality beans to produce quality FFS.
The poultry sector continues to be the primary drivers of Morocco’s soybean market and will further benefit from full fat availability.
USSEC’s efforts continue to assist the developments of customers’ activities and expand markets through diversification. The trust and confidence of USSEC helps sustain demand for U.S. soybeans.