South Asia

Workshop on US Soybean Oil Advantage


Kolkata, India

This event aims to showcase the versatility and the variety of advantages delivered by U.S. Soybean Oil and how it impacts food outcomes.

Soybean oil quality is dependent upon the quality of soybeans used in the refining process. The U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) will present the U.S. Soybean oil advantage to refiners,  processors, food manufacturers and food service providers in India through this half day workshop in Kolkata. The event will cover the advantages of soybean oil of U.S. origin, including its nutritional aspects, practical applications such as oxidation and fry life, production and sustainability. Through this initiative, USSEC will also foster collaborative efforts by bringing together leading industry associations like IVPA and other business leaders to highlight the nutritional and health benefits of soybean oil and its usage for the industry and end users.