South Asia



ঢাকা, Bangladesh

The In-pond Raceway System Technology (IPRS) Workshop will elaborate on best practices for designing IPRS Systems using USSEC technology and inputs. Participants will learn about the importance that U.S. Soy plays in developing nutritional, high-quality, optimal, aquaculture feed formulation using U.S. Soybean meal and other soy derivatives. Fish farmers, fish feed manufacturers, consultants and input suppliers across India and Bangladesh who are currently using or are interested in using the IPRS technology will be present at the workshop. With the aquaculture industry expanding, more organizations are asking for sustainable feed sources. U.S. Soy supports sustainable fish production with the IPRS technology which has the least environmental impact and produces higher yield. U.S. Soy has the advantage of being certified sustainable through its U.S. Soy Sustainable Assurance Protocol (SSAP).