South Asia

Full Fat Soybean Meal Production Workshop / Chickenomics: The Nutrient Value Calculator & its Role in Feed Formulation


Colombo, Sri Lanka

14th March - Full Fat Soybean Meal : This Workshop aims to discuss operational efficiencies for soybean extrusion for utilization in animal feeds. 

Soybean meal has created its own space within poultry, aqua, swine and cattle feed formulation, due to its ability to deliver essential amino acids such as Digestible Lysine, Methionine and the likes, along with energy and phosphorus. Its popularity and preference remain unmatched; thanks to its effectiveness, high palatability and digestibility. Extrusion technology is one of the easiest ways to process soybeans and is gaining favor rapidly, due its various advantages. Many feed producers across South Asia are already using this technology to process soybeans for use in animal feed, and a number of projects are already in the pipeline.


 15th March Chickenomics: This seminar will discuss the most recent updates in the use of soybean meal in feed formulation and use of Nutrient Value calculator in comparing value of Soybean between sources.

The quality of soybean meal plays a very important role in the feed manufacturing process and is ultimately correlated with the overall quality of the feed.  To that end, the quality of soybeans is highly deterministic of the quality of soybean meal.  Studies reveal that soymeal derived from beans from U.S excels in several essential categories. Another major component which decides farm efficiency and performance of feed is understanding the realistic nutrient value of the feed and the techniques to develop the best recipe to feed birds and optimize poultry production. USSEC is at the nexus of nutritional formulation optimization with tools like the Nutrition Value Calculator and its research on the importance of digestible amino acids.