Southeast Asia

Feed Technology & Animal Nutrition Conference (FTANC) 2021


USSEC is pleased to present our regional flagship technical event for 2021 – Feed Technology and Animal Nutrition Conference. This year’s FTANC will be conducted virtually, and will cover the most important issues that the industry is currently facing. With the theme; “Trends and Developments in Animal Nutrition & Feed Biosecurity Amidst Global Industry Challenges”, the conference will address and discuss the animal protein consumption trends, sustainability, threats and animal nutrition responses to the current and unrelenting concerns of the animal industry. The discussions will cover raw material prices, supply and quality, market conditions, biosecurity and disease situation. The impact of the pandemic in the animal production chain will also be heard from the experts. Subjects covered in this year’s conference includes:

· Precision in animal nutrition with focus on Energy, Protein and Amino Acids in raw materials, particularly SBM for swine and poultry;
· Application of quality assurance on how the quality aspects of soybean meal in pig and poultry diets can translate into better margins for the producers;
· Raw Material Value Calculation, Ingredient management, allocation and pricing;
· Latest developments in the swine and poultry production and consumption trends and dedicated sessions on African Swine Fever and Avian Influenza.

This virtual conference will encompass 4 sessions across 2 days each one discussing a key set of topics, i.e. (1) Developments in the Industry, (2) Animal Nutrition, (3) Raw Material and Quality Assurance, (4) Feed Formulation, and ending with (2) Breakouts: (i) Precision feed formulation techniques and strategies and (ii) bio-security and disease management. USSEC has invited industry and technical experts from North America, Spain, China, and within Southeast Asia to contribute to this year’s conference.

Animal Nutritionists, Feed Formulators, Quality Control Personnel, Feed Mill Managers and Technicians, Purchasing Executives, Livestock Producers, etc. Other associated Technical and non-Technical Ag Professionals interested to learn and benefit from this event are also welcomed to participate subject to space availability.

A Certificate of Attendance will be issued to participants who will complete the two-day event.

Let us all learn together; get the newest and most useful industry information, see you all there.