Southeast Asia

Asia Soy Excellence Center - Food Protein: Soy Food and Beverage Intermediate Course (IC-1) 2023


The Intermediate Course IC-1 focusing on soy beverages conducted over 4 modules provides a comprehensive curriculum for more in-depth and applied knowledge on developing and manufacturing consumer centric value-added soy beverage products, use of sensory and analytical tools as well as application of specialty ingredients and fermentation process to help accelerate the development and delivery of quality and innovative soy beverages in SE and South Asia. As a way of differentiation from the Basic Course and to enhance the learning experience of the participants, IC-1 incorporated more interactive elements, including polling of questions, participative of Panel Sessions with selected participants taking part to share practices and experience on the chosen discussion topic. An assignment was also given to each participant as part of the Curriculum to be completed and submitted at the end of the Course, alongside with the Q&A and MCQ conducted at close of each of the Module session. These were collated and an evaluation survey undertaken at the end of the course. An Intermediate Course attendance certificate is awarded to each qualified participant