Southeast Asia

ASEC-Food Protein Intermediate Course: Soy Beverage Soy Beverage Development and Production Technology


The U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) developed the Soy Excellence Center (SEC) concept to help growing markets address protein challenges and needs; and to create cascade of demand for soy and soy-related products. The goal is to provide agricultural expertise and facilitate connections that drive market possibilities.


  • SUPPORT development of the soy-relevant agri & food sectors
  • PROVIDE sustainable and renewable education and learning model for locally relevant best practices
  • DEVELOP strong relationships with key stakeholders for anticipated soy import demand


  • A reliable, affordable, high-quality and sustainable supply of soy protein in food and beverage applications for human consumption
  • Develop opportunities for specific protein sectors to promote meaningful growth & development for the soy foods industry
  • Key inefficiencies or challenges are prioritized and operational agribusiness topics are addressed and overcome