European Customers Attend USSEC’s Swine Diet Seminar in Poland

USSEC recently held a seminar on swine diets in Warsaw, Poland. The event was originally planned to include only Polish customers, but key customers from Hungary and Czech Republic also participated, which contributed to a better spread effect of this cutting edge professional event.
The two-day seminar gathered specialists working in the feed industry and pig production integrations: nutritionists and technologists, feed mill managers, production managers, quality assurance managers, research and development specialists, nutritional advisors to farmers, and other professionals involved in swine production.
USSEC invited three Spanish experts as lecturers, who combined top scientific knowledge and commercial experience gathered in the leading European swine growing country of Spain and many other countries around the world, including the U.S.
Dr. Gonzalo G. Mateos, UPM, Madrid, spoke mainly on management and feeding strategies in piglets without antibiotics in feed and explaining protein-rich sources in swine nutrition with a focus on soybeans. U.S. soybeans, soybean meal, concentrates, and isolates were highlighted in his lectures.
Dr. Enric Marco, MarcoVet Grup, Barcelona, and Madrid Veterinary School, shared his expertise in nutrition-related health and production in pigs and how to deal without antibiotics in pork production in the EU. During the many breaks, Dr. Marco shared his knowledge on African swine fever, a current trouble in Poland, with the attendees.
Dr. Domingo Carrion, NutralSCA/Cargill-Spain, presented his management experience in antibiotic-free swine production, also explaining a very complex issue of hyper-prolific sows and the need for piglet support.
The Polish and northeast European industry members greatly appreciated the deep and unconventional training event offered to them by U.S. Soy. Some, like Mr. Botond Alpar of AgroFeed kft, Gyor, Hungary, took to a written format to express the usefulness of the training to him and his company.
Some key participants were already looking forward to gaining more knowledge from Dr. Marco, who is slated to be a keynote speaker at a major livestock, feed, and health conference organized by a Polish Vet Institute in June and from Dr. Gonzalo Mateos, who is scheduled for a series of in-company swine and soy nutrition consultations arranged by Jerzy W. Kosieradzki, USSEC, northeast Europe, in October.

Close to 100 individuals representing a cross-section of the mainly Polish, but also some Hungarian and Czech, swine production sector, bid for the 60 seats available at the Warsaw training event.
“Feed is the cause of all problems in my pigs” is a common accusation many of our Polish participants face, as this picture shows in a humorous way. Cutting edge knowledge gained at the event equips the attendees to do a better job at quality control, formulation, manufacturing, and feeding the animals plus protect themselves from such blame.
Three Spanish scientists and practitioners (left to right), Dr. Enric Marco Grannel, Dr. Gonzalo Mateos, and Dr. Domingo Carrion provided training at the Warsaw seminar.
Dr. Gonzalo G. Mateos was first to speak at the event – macro and micro minerals used in swine feeding was his opening subject.
Participants truly paid attention to the issues taught at the two-day event.
Participants were encouraged to ask questions and comment on some difficult issues – here, Dr. Agata Lecewicz, Nutripol/Indykpol, Poland, participates in a professional discussion.
Discussions were continued during coffee breaks and meals – here, Dr. Ryszard Kujawiak, SANO-Poland, confers with Ms. Katarzyna Kulikowska, who helped with translation.
Some of the professionals gathered at the Sheraton Warsaw for the training event were truly involved, such as Dr. Lecewicz, who is in charge of swine nutrition and quality assurance system at Nutripol in northeastern Poland.