Schwartz Farms

By - Thursday, May 4, 2017

Schwartz Farms was founded by Thomas Schwartz Sr. in 1956 as a dairy and 200 acres of grain farm. Tom Sr. and his two sons, Tom Jr. and Dan, eventually sold the dairy cows in 1979 and became an all grain farm. At that time, Tom Sr. and his sons farmed approximately six hundred acres. Then in 1989, Schwartz Farms was formed as a general partnership between Tom Sr. and his two sons, Tom Jr. and Dan, farming roughly 1,500 acres at that point. Since the passing of Tom Sr. in 1995, Dan and Tom Jr. have expanded operations to approximately 3,500 acres of Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Oats, and Barley. Schwartz Farms is involved in the international foodgrade soybean industry since 1996. During this year, they began a Seed & Foodgrade Soybean business. This move has allowed Schwartz Farms to expand its operation without adding any additional growing crop acres through contracts with local growers. Annually, approximately 6,500 acres are contracted for foodgrade soybean production. Schwartz Farms sells these beans domestically and exports them to numerous East Asian countries, such as Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore and Korea. Also, Schwartz Farms sells wheat, barley, oats, foodgrade and Roundup Ready soybean seed domestically and in Canada.