soybean field

Demand for Certification, Sustainable Soy Sourcing Continues to Rise in Global Aquaculture Industry

As of April 2016, Indonesia continues to lead in the production of certified shrimp for the international market. Trends show that markets are increasingly demanding certifiably produced shrimp. About 70 percent of Indonesian shrimp is exported to the U.S.
Most aquaculture certifications including Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP), and Global GAP require that at least 50 percent fish meal and fish oil for feed production must be derived from certified sources. Soy is favored as the main ingredient for aquafeed. Research shows that soy has replaced fishmeal as a greater percentage of aquafeed, and so it is believed that the demand for sustainable, responsibly produced soy will continue to increase.
USSEC has an excellent opportunity to continue to promote U.S. Soy as consistent, high quality and responsible produced for the aquaculture industry through support for certified product development.