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2014 U.S. Soy Global Trade Exchange Offered Presentations to Fit All Participants

The 2014 U.S. Soy Global Trade Exchange offered general and breakout sessions that were tailored to the interests of all participants.  Over the course of two days, trade teams, exhibitors, grower leaders and other guests heard from experts in the areas of economics, leadership, sustainability, food, feed and transportation.  The presentations are available for viewing at:
Keynote/general sessions covered the topics of economics, leadership, transportation and sustainability:

  • “Global Soy & Grain Market Supply and Demand—Current Situation and Outlook for 2014 Crop Production and Trade,” given by David Hightower, Hightower Associates and Hightower Report
  • “Changing Leadership for Global Food and Agriculture Industries,” moderated by Sara Wyant (Editor/Publisher, Agri-Pulse, Washington, D.C.) with presentations from Teresa Babuscio, (Secretary General COCERAL, Brussels, Belgium); Mariela Urgula (First Vice President, AFACA, Venezuela Feed Manufacturers Association); and Laura Foell (USSEC Chair and United Soybean Board (USB) Director, Schaller, Iowa)
  • “Global Economy, World Trade and Shipping Outlook & the Critical Importance of Transportation Infrastructure Development,” presented by Walter Kemmsies (Chief Economist, Moffat & Nichol)
  • “Global Container & Bulk Shipping Outlook for International Agricultural Trade—Building a Stronger Supply Chain to Meet the Quality Demands of the World’s Consumers,” moderated/presented by Bill Mongelluzzo (Senior Editor, Journal of Commerce); Jay O’Neil (O’Neil Commodity Consulting and Senior Agricultural Economist, Kansas State University); and Ed Zaninelli (Vice President of U.S. Agricultural Trade, Orient Overseas Container Lines (OOCL))
  • “Sustainability—How U.S. Soy and Agriculture Production & Processing are Championing Sustainability,” given by Rod Snyder (President, Field to Market)

Breakout sessions that covered food soybeans included:

  • “Northern Tier U.S. Food Crop Production—Overview of the Extensive Range of Grain and Food Products Grown and Exported from the Upper Midwest U.S. States,” moderated by Tim Hamilton (Executive Director, Food Export-Midwest) with presentations by Jen Pino Gallagher (Bureau Director, Wisconsin Department of Agriculture); Charlie Poster (Assistant Commissioner of Agriculture, Minnesota Agriculture Department); and Erin Markestad (International Marketing Specialist, North Dakota Department of Agriculture)
  • “Soyfoods and 21st Century Nutritional Needs,” given by Mark Messina (Executive Director, Soy Nutrition Institute; Owner of Nutrition Matters, Inc.; Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Nutrition, School of Public Health, Loma Linda University)
  • “U.S. Identity Preserved Food Soybean Outlook Current Crop and Beyond,” introduced by Andy Bensend (Director of Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board) with presentations from Darwin Rader (International Sales Manger, Zeeland Farm Services); Austin DeLong (The DeLong Co., Inc., Non-GMO Marketing Manager); Wayne Knewtson (President, Knewtson Soy Products); and Bob Sinner (President, S.B. & B. Foods)

Other breakout sessions focused on feed.  These sessions were:

  • “Global Pork & Poultry Production Outlook 2015-2020,” moderated by Miguel Escobar (Principal Consultant, AVIMEAL, LLC) with presentations from Paul Aho (President, Poultry Perspective) and Rick Anderson (Executive Director, Soy Transportation Coalition)
  • “New Information: Soy Value and Performance in Animal Feed Nutrition,” moderated by Drew Klein (USSEC International Program Strategy Director/ASC & India Regional Director) with presentations by Peter Mishek (Mishek Inc. and Associates) and Seth Naeve (Associate Professor and Extension Agronomist, University of Minnesota)
  • “Global Outlook for Market Growth in Aquaculture and Dairy—Implications for Soy Demand,” introduced by Colby Sutter (USSEC Aquaculture Marketing Manager) with presentations from George Chamberlain (President, Global Aquaculture Alliance) and Louis Armentano (University of Wisconsin Department of Dairy Nutritional Services)
  • “New Information: Soy Value and Performance in Poultry Rations,” introduced by Pam Helmsing (USSEC International Animal Feed Marketing Manager) and given by William Dozier III (Auburn University)

There were also several special mini technical presentations given by exhibitors in the trade show mini theatre.  These presentations included:

  • “SORTEX A MultiVision Optical Sorter,” given by Dan Uglow (Buhler-Sortex)
  • “SK Food International,” presented by Aaron Skyberg (SK Food International)
  • “Welcome to the Port of Milwaukee,” given by Port of Milwaukee staff