Member Benefits

Deepen your market knowledge and influence with membership in USSEC

Building Preference for U.S. Soy

USSEC supports the U.S. soy industry through building preference and demand for U.S. soybeans and soy products. USSEC’s global network of five international regions, multiple offices and a dedicated 130-person team of full and part-time staff create access to soy industry decision makers around the world for U.S. soy exporters. In 2013, USSEC provided trade and technical servicing in approximately 70 countries.

Examples of USSEC Trade Servicing activities include:

  • Visits to the U.S. from trade teams to build relationships with U.S. soy exporters, allied industry, checkoff and state entites while showcasing U.S. agricultural production;
  • A series of buyers conferences to provide networking and educational forums for importers, exporters, and allied industry; and
  • Many individual sessions to conduct discussions on issues related to U.S. soy.

Examples of USSEC Technical Servicing efforts include:

  • International research to highlight the characteristics present in U.S. soy;
  • Sharing of best practices in the utilization of U.S. soy for animal and aquaculture feed and human food production; and
  • Demonstration of new technologies to improve production practices.

Since the organization’s inception in 2006, USSEC’s mission focused on developing global demand and facilitating trade for U.S. soy. And with each year, USSEC becomes even better positioned to get the word out to international markets about the total quality experience of U.S. soy on behalf of our member organizations.

USSEC Member Benefits

USSEC celebrated a milestone in 2013 when its industry partnership rose to 60 members. Members aid in strategic direction, organizational governance and directly participate in a variety of USSEC sponsored activities. USSEC membership includes:

  • Influence on how approximately $50 million worth of federal and soybean checkoff funds are invested in market development programs;
  • Assistance from in-country expert market representatives including market specific briefing materials and remarks
  • Access to incoming sales leads;
  • Connections and introductions to key buyers and importers throughout the world;
  • Arrangement of trade team visits to showcase your facilities;
  • Access to calendar of upcoming participation opportunities;
  • Participation in buyer’s conferences and other development activities at preferential rates;
  • Webinar briefings for upcoming workshops and events; and
  • Updates on global policy issues.