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4th Aquaculture Investment Workshop

Miami, Florida
April 29-30, 2015

2nd Annual USSEC Regional SBO Processing and Refining Conference

Dead Sea, Jordan May 6-13, 2015…

Animal Utilization-Meal Japan Swine Team to U.S.

Minnesota, U.S.A. May 10-18, 2015…


Auburn, Illinois March 18-21, 2015…

MENA Aquaculture Investment Seminar

Amman, Jordan May 25-31, 2015…

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  • Balanced Diet

    Reasons that soybean meal is the gold standard for supplying amino acids in animal feed When it comes to animal feed ingredients, not all options are created equal. And today, more than ever, livestock, poultry and aquaculture producers are looking for higher-quality feedstuffs to meet the nutritional needs of their animals. According to Bob Thaler,
  • Global Soybean Stakeholders Monetize Biotech-Approval Delays

    U.S. soy family partners with China, South America to examine implications of trait postponements ST. LOUIS (April 24, 2015) – A new white paper shows that a three-year postponement in global approval of biotech-enhanced soybean traits any time in the next 10 years would cost farmers and consumers a total of nearly $19 billion, compared