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MENA Aquaculture Investment Seminar

Amman, Jordan
May 25-31, 2015

SFERA Conference + Sodrugestvo visit

Russia June 1-6, 2015…

US Soybeans Oil Marketing Training Camp

Taiwan June 4-5, 2015…

China Swine Study-Tour to US.

Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota June 4-14, 2015…

Animal Utilization-Meal Poultry nutrition short course at NSRL

Champaign, Illinois June 14-21, 2015…

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  • Get In, Get Out

    Planting Patrol: New technology improves efficiency for Nebraska farmer Greg Greving’s goal during planting season is pretty simple: Get as much done as we can every day, and get out as soon as possible.  The soybean farmer from Chapman, Nebraska says, “We’re up at first light, and when the sun goes down, we shut our
  • The Future of Agriculture Depends on Consumer Outreach by Farmers

    Checkoff provides support through partnerships and resources More than ever before, the soy checkoff is involved in consumer outreach. And to help farmers tell their stories, the checkoff partners with organizations rooted in the importance of bringing truth and understanding about agriculture to consumers. One organization is the Center for Food Integrity (CFI). CFI provides